The ODict CLI

At the heart of ODict is its command-line interface (CLI, pronounced “see-ell-eye”) which handles the bulk of what ODict is capable of.

With the ODict CLI you can:

  • Compile XML to a binary dictionary
  • Convert compiled dictionaries back to XML
  • Index a dictionary using full-text
  • Lookup words in a compiled dictionary
  • Merge two dictionaries together
  • Search a full-text index of a dictionary
  • Split words based on dictionary entries
  • View a list of every word in a dictionary

Installing the CLI

Once you have Go installed, simply run the following command:

go install

There is a small chance you may have to add the following to your shell configuration if your GOPATH is not currently part of your PATH:

export PATH="$(go env GOPATH)/bin:$PATH"

You can confirm the installation was successful if the following command spits out a help menu:

odict --help

Global Flags

--quiet-qOnly print raw output❌false