The ODict split command splits a word based on its definable parts. Its behavior is equivalent to running lookup with a split threshold greater than 0.


Say we are trying to lookup the definition for the English word “hotdog”. Perhaps our dictionary isn’t very good and there is no definition for “hotdog”, but there are definitions for “hot” and “dog”. We could pass a splitting threshold of 3 to the CLI and get definitions for both words.

odict lookup ./eng.odict "hotdog" # No results
odict lookup -s 3 ./eng.odict "hotdog" # Prints definitions for "hot" and "dog"

The splitting threshold determines the maximum length of the substrings to find. If we passed a threshold of 2, there is a high likelihood we wouldn’t get any definitions back, as it would only be looking for definitions of substrings two characters or less (“ho”, “ot”, etc.).


odict split [flags] [dictionary path] [search term]


--threshold-tThe maximum length of definable substrings2